Radio Joan – November 2018

We’re a five-piece band from Rossendale, Lancs. We’re hoping to post a monthly selection of what we’ve been listening to here. We’ll see how that goes.

This month we’ve seen Richard Thompson, Joan Shelley, This Is The Kit and Stephen Malkmus play live so we’ve included something by each of them. We missed Dawn Landes at the Eagle and Kathryn Joseph at the Cathedral but they’re both too good not to include.

We’ve had the new Cocteau Twins box set on almost constant repeat so the opening track of that is here along with Henry Mancini’s theme from Arabesque even though we’re not certain how that one earwormed itself in there.

Little Sparrow makes her much anticipated return to Manchester’s stages later this month and her song “Tender” was the highlight of her recent EP. Tickets for her show at the Bridgewater Hall on 25th November are no doubt available via several online outlets.

Editorial privilege and a healthy urge to self-promote means we have no reservations about including a rough mix of our own “Tiny Mind” nor mentioning our show at Night and Day on December 13th where we play alongside Tragicomics and Uzi Listening, both of whom also contribute tracks. Our most recent gig was supporting the fantastic Seamus Fogarty so we’ve included one of his too.

Jesca Hoop is here because she’s Jesca Hoop.

I think that’s everything… Full tracklisting is beneath the Mixcloud widget below. See you next month. Probably.

Richard Thompson – Rattle Within
Tragicomics – Minor Song
Stephen Malkmus – Freeze the Saints
Little Sparrow – Tender
Uzi Listening – Death Drives a Volvo (part II)
Jesca Hoop Intelligentactile 101
Henry Mancini – Arabesque
Joan Shelley – Something Small
Joan the Wad – Tiny Mind
Cocteau Twins – Know Who You Are At Every Age
Kathryn Joseph -We Have Been Loved By Our Mothers
Dawn Landes – Bodyguard
Seamus Fogary – Van Gogh’s Ear
This is the Kit – Hotter Colder


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